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9/24/09 06:18 pm

My new blog can be found here: wulfskin.blogspot.com

As much as I like LJ, it just so happens that all my friends are over on blogspot. So I'm joining them. I'm still going to remain active here, but only really for communities.


2/27/09 07:13 pm

Yeah Club Antichrist!

Shit, look at the time, I better get ready...

2/26/09 11:24 pm - Unpredictable man-eating vicious beasts...

May I present to you an American Pit Bull Terrier, a terrorisor in his neighbourhood, mauling every passing child, snarling, frothing at the mouth and dangerously out of control...
...while he watches, with an adorable inquisition, a tiny newborn chick hop about his paws and poke him in the eye.

Yeah, major threat to society right there.

2/12/09 09:39 pm

I need to go somewhere exciting very fucking soon so I can wear this.

A tailcoat!

Maybe that Cramps tribute/fetish crossover night on Valentine's day? Whatever, I promised Cyan a burger.

Club Antichrist on the 27th, I'm looking forward to that. I'm working on the door now, which is bloody freezing but the bouncers are pussycats (despite being built like brick shithouses) and people are usually quite sweet to the doorbitch :D
And I finish at 2am, so I get 4 hours free gawth club goodness.

I've been on-off ill for the past few weeks and my brain has turned to mulch. Sorry.

1/25/09 11:26 pm

Things I, under pretty much every circumstance I have encountered so far in recent years, hate:
- Lime green.
- Leggings.
- Things that Kate Moss wears/Topshop stock and then every person in the country proceeds to wear to death.

Things I brought yesterday with my Glades Shopping Centre vouchers:
- Ridiculous lime green mahoosive scarf with dreadlocks et al.
- Silver snakeskin leggings.
- Cream coloured shaggy fur jacket (New Look, for £10 down from £60. Nice!)

No one told me that River Island, normally ultimate chav shop of doom, has become amazing and is stocking some of the most ridiculous clothes I have seen in such a shop. Read: snakeskin leggings, massive dreadlocked lime green scarf. I must take photos!

My hands are up, I have been reconverted to the high street. It helps that the shops are desperate to sell for just about any price right now, so desperate they are for moneys.

A quiz...?Collapse )

I am planning two tattoos now. I have had my back (sort of) planned for quite a while, and now a half sleeve. My body is bare, but that's not stopping me moving onto new designs. Argh. I want. It's taking the first plunge...

1/19/09 11:29 pm

I dyed my hair. I've had orange for a year now, and was getting sick of it. I wanted to go yellow, but then I lost my job, and job-hunting with neon yellow hair = HA, yeah right. I figured red was a more acceptable colour, and I love it. Anyway, it's ridiculously bright, the photo doesn't show it. Props to my ma, the wonderful colourist that she is <3
(not really, she's a book keeper but does a pretty good job with dyeing hair and whatnot).

And I got a job! Well, I got offered two jobs - one at a pet hospital in Wimbledon, and one at a fairly large clinic in Charlton. Two interviews in one day definitely proved exhausting. I took the Charlton one, because they've said I may be able to start formal training as a nurse within a few months, whereas with the hospital I would've had through go this big long process... and the Charlton one just had a more relaxed, friendly atmosphere, and not INSANE shifts like the hospital, which would've involved some 7 day working weeks, night shifts and all the rest. Ergh.

So I start in February as a "kennel assistant" - it seems pretty much like what I've been doing already, assisting the nurses, taking care of the animals in for surgery, giving them medication, injections and so on. And until then, I plan on spending lots of time sleeping, spending time with friends that I haven't spent much time with recently and tackling my ridiculous collection of clothes that I don't wear and invade ebay with it. I've just let it build up and up over the years and I just don't have the space to hold on to things just because I want to anymore. I hate getting rid off stuff, I know a lot of people are the same. Clearing everything out though is strangely cleansing.

ALSO today was Cyan and I's first anniversary, so I've been feeling all gooey and silly. We started planning a holiday for the both of us this summer. Possibly Berlin!

I've just realised that my new phone's text alert sounds like it's farting. It's delicious.

1/14/09 06:48 pm - Finland!

Hmmmmm. So yeah, I got made redundant. I went in after coming back from Finland, and my boss told he had 'some bad news'. Basically, he's been told by his doctor to majorly cut his hours (he's in his sixties with circulatory problems and he's been doing a 68 hour week, which is slightly insane, but that's a workaholic for you I suppose). Since he's cutting his hours, he's had to employ another vet. Business has been so slow over the past month as well. On my last day there was only one operation and 4 appointments. At times, there have been 12 operations and about 20 appointments, so that's pretty bad. I suppose if people are getting desperate trying to keep up with their mortage payments, rising bills or whatever, the family pet would have to wait. And so, without the business coming in, he simply can't afford to keep me on as well as another vet. I was gutted. Only been there for 3 months & was really enjoying it. I hope things are okay for them though, and they manage to stay up.

On the plus side, he's promised an excellent verbal & written reference, I have an interview on Friday with a place in Charlton. I'm not so sure about this one though, because it's only for a kennel maid position, and I was thinking about going into some  formal nursing training so I can qualify. There are a few other possibilities that I can chase up though. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise. Fingers crossed.

Anyway. Finland was so so good.
I have a few photos...Collapse )

1/13/09 09:15 pm - >>>


... the fucker lost me my fucking job.
For fuck's sake.


1/13/09 12:07 am - Big yawn...

Since the 4th I have been in Finland with Cyan & his parents. I had the most wonderful time, and I'm exhausted. I'll do a proper post tomorrow, but right now I'm going to bed.

12/29/08 08:40 pm - Decisions, decisions...

Argh, NYE is so unorganised. There's nothing which has really grabbed my attention, though lots of things which look like they could be alright. I quite want to go to Nuke 'Em All, it's been dubbed 'The Club With No Law', apparently. Everyone's all undecided. To be honest, I'm much prefering house parties to clubs nowadays, but no one's offered up their dwellings yet. Better people, cheap/free drink, free entry, control of the music & much nicer smoking areas. And beds. Haha.
Maybe I should...?

This is my cat, drinking from the toilet.Collapse )

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