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Decisions, decisions...

Argh, NYE is so unorganised. There's nothing which has really grabbed my attention, though lots of things which look like they could be alright. I quite want to go to Nuke 'Em All, it's been dubbed 'The Club With No Law', apparently. Everyone's all undecided. To be honest, I'm much prefering house parties to clubs nowadays, but no one's offered up their dwellings yet. Better people, cheap/free drink, free entry, control of the music & much nicer smoking areas. And beds. Haha.
Maybe I should...?

Bad photo but I don't care because Dippy is most excellent.

Jeeez I'm getting so irritated at work. I love my job, don't get me wrong, but there's this Turkish guy working as a volunteer at the surgery at the moment. His name is Ozan. Now, apparently he is a fully qualifyed vet and all that, but either he's lying or the veterinary degree in Turkey involves little more than reading up on all the theory and watching videos. He has no idea about how to handle animals, and knows nothing or very little about animal behaivour. I mean, I'm far from expert, but in my 2-3 months of working in a vet surgery I seem have picked up a great deal more than he did in 6 or 7 years at university. He doesn't know that you have to grab a cat by the scruff of the neck to keep them still, nor that you cannot be hesitant with an aggressive dog. The dog will naturally take hesitation to be submissive behavoir, making him far more dangerous to you than if you act confident and display dominant behavoir. Surely a qualifyed vet, or even anyone with experience of working with animals would know this?
Another thing is that the animals don't like him. I was putting a Buster collar (one of the plastic cone-shaped collars used to stop animals knawing at their stitches) on a very friendly, if a little bit nutty Labrador named Toffee. She was quite calm and allowing me to get on with it. Then in lumbers Ozan, and Toffee starts growling, barking and wriggling around, and didn't stop until he had left the room. It also happened with Kiara, a rather nervous German Shepard. She would start barking wildly whenever he walked past her kennel, but she would stay quiet whenever anyone else did.
I always believe animals can pass excellent judgement on people, and I know a lot of people would agree. They pick up on little things that we wouldn't notice. And if they don't like him, well, I think it says something.
He also hovvers over my shoulder whenever I'm doing anything and makes a digusting sucking sound with his mouth when he is trying to think of a word. At least he's only here for a month.

A whole month!

In other news, Christmas (Giftmas?) was fairly pleasant. Saw lots of my (fairly large) extended family, ate lots, drank lots.
Presents from my parents:
-120GB ipod. I've had my old one for about 4 years now, amazing it's lasted that long but it's on it's last legs and I really wanted a bigger memory.
-New digital camera. Fujifilm Finepix something-or-other. I didnt ask for it, and it's just a little point-and-shoot, but it's small and lovely and very very welcome indeed.
-Agent Provocateur perfume. YUM.

I gave my mum a pewter letter opener (it's what she wanted!) and my dad a big pile of books, because that's all he ever wants.

It's funny, I sit down intending just to write a little paragraph or something and I get total verbal diahorrea and write an essay.

I hope anyone reading this has a good new years.


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